At Saare Yachts OÜ, we are working hard to make the most of modern technologies and our heritage. Located on the small island of Saaremaa in the Baltic Sea, we are part of an ancient local maritime culture and boat building traditions.
Today, the craftsmen’s skills are employed creating an ensemble of the best of time-tested composite materials and components supplied by well-known manufacturers.

The story of Saare began in February 2007 when Stig Nordblad, founder and longtime owner of Finngulf Yachts, and myself were having lunch at the Helsinki Boat Show. We talked about life, and about sailboats. Stig had just retired, and complained he was getting bored with his only hobby being washing his car. Changes at Finngulf had also freed up some spare time for our partner Karl-Johan Stråhlmann. And that’s how we made the decision to start something new.

That’s where we put down the vision of the brand, and laid out the concept of the first yacht. The name, Saare, came a little later. We’re based on the island Saaremaa, and saar is the Estonian word for ‘island’. We’ve always valued the meaning, ‘island yachts’, but the name also seemed comfortable for native speakers of other languages.

Today, the Saare fleet consists of 3 different-sized yachts just as we first planned. We have reached our main aims. Saare yachts are fast high-quality cruisers which is what we intended from the beginning.

Peeter Sääsk
Managing Director of
Saare Yachts OÜ