Saare 41ac is perfect

When I started working with Saare Yachts in 2008, my own first Saare was the 41cc (centre cockpit) . A fine cruiser and a comfortable yacht . After a short time I could say that this yacht was much faster and better performing than I had expected. As I had been into racing before and still wanted to sail some club races, we decided to build the Saare 41 as an aft cockpit yacht with the same hull, keel, rudder and rig. This, much bigger cockpit makes manoeuvring faster, and easier with downwind sails.

When my wife and I sailed the first Saare 41ac from Saaremaa to Eckernförde in autumn 2012, we encountered a lot of wind. One long night from Lithuania to Poland was particularly bad, it was dark for 12 hours. The weather forecast predicted a nightmare. We had 30 to 35 knots of wind for most of the night, and 43 to 45 knots for a few hours. We kept using the autopilot all night, and it worked perfectly. After this trip, we have complete trust in our boat. Since then, we’ve known that the Saare 41ac is the perfect cruiser, even in bad and heavy wind conditions.

Two years later, we sailed the Aalregatta with 134 competing yachts. At the start, the wind was up to 8 knots. This was the maximum of the day. A long spinnaker course with 3–6 knots of wind brought us to the finish line. We arrived in 6th place with only a few big racings yachts before us. Overall, we won this race.

Today, we know that the Saare 41ac is our perfect yacht. Strong and stiff, fast and safe in heavy wind while also great-performing in light wind, very comfortable, well-insulated, and build in the best Scandinavian tradition.

Thomas Nielsen
The owner of Saare Yachts OÜ

  • LOA in m = 12,5
  • Bmax in m = 3,92
  • Draft in m = 2
  • opt. in m = 1,8
  • Displacement in t = 9,3
  • Ballast in t = 3,9
  • Engine hp = 60
  • Mainsail in m² = 48
  • Jib (105) in m² = 39,6
  • Gennaker in m² = 135,3
  • Code Zero in m² = 78,3
  • I in m = 16,45
  • J in m = 4,67
  • P in m = 15,5
  • E in m = 5,2