Dear Peeter, Dear Thomas

The very first Saare 46 ever built, „Lucky Dane“, has ended its maiden voyage. We arrived at our home port Vordingborg yesterday, after a long trip that brought us home from Estonia through Finland, the Åland Islands, the Stockholm archipelago, Kalmar, Rügen, Eckernförde, the islands south of Fünen, Aarhus, and Kerteminde . The log now shows 1334 nautical miles.

So, I can with confidence say: We tested the boat in real life, from 0° Celsius in Finland to 30° Celsius in the Stockholm area to pouring rain in Denmark. Winds ranged from zero to gale-force, some of the harbors were narrow, crowded, and windy.

However: The Saare 46 is very easy to maneuver, even with only 2 sailors on board. The Saare 46 sails extremely well - and I must add - fast. The Saare 46 is well insulated (which we appreciated at nighttime in Finland). Everything on board has been built to very high craftsmanship and technical standards, and we enjoyed the fine details every day. And not forgetting, everything on board is still in perfect working order after our long trip.

As you must remember, I wished to take a big part in deciding what the layout and all the details of the yacht should be like, and I must say, Peeter and his team realized my ideas and wishes in a very professional and skilled manner. Before starting our first journey home, I thought I would keep a list of all the features that could be improved for the second Saare 46, but I could not come up with one single thing. This goes to prove that you carried out my ideas perfectly.

Thank you for a great job.
Hans G., Denmark
Owner of Saare 46 No. 01

  • LOA in m = 14,15
  • Bmax in m = 4,16
  • Draft in m = 2,2
  • opt. in m = 2
  • Displacement in t = 13,6
  • Ballast in t = 5,1
  • Engine hp = 75
  • Mainsail in m² = 59,4
  • Jib (105) in m² = 50,3
  • Gennaker in m² = 171,4
  • Code Zero in m² = 99,7
  • I in m = 18,42
  • J in m = 5,25
  • P in m = 17,36
  • E in m = 5,8